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Obasanjo Clarifies: It Was the Governors, Not Me, Seeking Third Term


Obasanjo Clarifies: It Was the Governors, Not Me, Seeking Third Term

Chude: Third Term. Now the people who believed you when you said you didn’t seek third term and you said it that you’ve never had to fight for anything, that God gives you things. Now the people say okay, if you didn’t seek third term, why didn’t you vehemently discourage people like Tony Anenih who were said to be lobbying (maybe it wasn’t you, but these were your handsmen). Why didn’t you discourage them firmly from asking for a third term?

Baba: But did Anenih tell you that I ever said to him to go and do third term for me?

Chude: No he didn’t. But you could have asked him to stop Sir.

Baba: But he didn’t tell me he was doing it. He did not.

Chude: So you were not aware?

Baba: I was not aware Anenih was lobbying for a third term for me.

Chude: Or anybody else?

Baba: No, the governors… some of them but they were doing it for themselves.

Chude: How so?

Baba: Because if the President gets third term, they too will also get third term. And there was nothing that could stop them because they were not doing it for the president, they were doing it for themselves.

Baba: And Giwa, Florence Ita Giwa. And she said that, she wrote it. Why don’t they believe her?

Chude: You believe it’s political games.

An extended 20- minute cut of the full interview is now up on YouTube. Go watch now!

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